Eight Songs That Shaped Me

“Through my time devoted to discovering music, there have been important tracks that impacted the way I approached and heard it. The tracks on this list are not necessarily my favorites – that would be a far more difficult list to narrow down – but every song on here has informed my taste in a profound way.”


Country Ain’t Dead: Contemporary Country Albums to Listen To

“There has been a surge of forward-thinking artists challenging the notion that country is at the bottom of the hierarchy in terms of artistic merit. Here are some albums to listen to if you seek satisfying country music outside of the Top 40 bubble.”


“I Don’t Know What to Do Now That Pink Has Turned to Blue”: Punk’s Story in the Twin Cities

““In the midst of Minneapolis thriving music scene, stowed away in numerous Twin Cities’ record collections, are the tunes produced by a rag-tag outsider community of punks who just feel a bit disillusioned by the status quo. In the words of Paul Westerberg, ‘We are the sons of no one, bastards of young.’”