Classic House: A Primer

“Taking cues from Knuckles, other Chicago DJs began buying cheap synthesizers and drum machines in order to create their own music. This new DIY form of expression, a safe haven for the gay and black communities of Chicago, was called house music. “

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Ten Years Later: A Retrospective Look at the Indie Rock of 2009

"Looking back, 2009 was a stellar year for music, particularly in the realm of indie rock. Bands like Animal Collective, Grizzly Bear and Dirty Projectors had their most successful releases to date. Social networking and music websites had been paving a way for underground sensations to reach a broader audience, and 2009 seemed to be a peak year for this phenomenon. Ten years later, a handful of albums have truly stood the test of time and can safely be cemented as classic.”


Alternative Hip-Hop Acts to Familiarize Yourself With

“Alternative hip-hop pushes against the clichés and tired tropes of mainstream rap’s majority. These alternative rappers tend to explore darker or more socially conscious ideas and themes. Not being under the constant burden of major record labels, these alternative hip-hop acts are capable and more willing to take risks with their instrumentals and beat selections, going for weirder sounds than what the radio will play around with.”