“I Don’t Know What to Do Now That Pink Has Turned to Blue”: Punk’s Story in the Twin Cities

“In the midst of Minneapolis thriving music scene, stowed away in numerous Twin Cities’ record collections, are the tunes produced by a rag-tag outsider community of punks who just feel a bit disillusioned by the status quo. In the words of Paul Westerberg, ‘We are the sons of no one, bastards of young.’”


Classic House: A Primer

“Taking cues from Knuckles, other Chicago DJs began buying cheap synthesizers and drum machines in order to create their own music. This new DIY form of expression, a safe haven for the gay and black communities of Chicago, was called house music. “

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Ten Years Later: A Retrospective Look at the Indie Rock of 2009

“Ten years later, a handful of albums have truly stood the test of time and can safely be cemented as classic.”